Create Online Presentations

Educate clients, generate sales, and dynamically interact with a global audience by creating online presentations using Jetslides.

Jetslides is a web-based application that allows you to create interactive webcasts complete with synchronized PowerPoint slides, downloadable documents and email feedback. You can promote your products, your services and educate employees and investors, wherever they are, worldwide.

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Sync Powerpoint With Video

Simple to Use, Easy to Customize

You'll be up and running your first JetSlides presentation in no time. Controls and configuration are a breeze, thanks to an intuitive set of JetSlides controls, features and functionality. Setting up your first presentation is simple thanks to our JetSlides Wizard step-by-step guide.

Own the JetSlides experience. Promote and market your brand and organization by customizing your entire JetSlides presentation; apply themes, customize layouts, select colors and import graphics.

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Speed, Support and Security

To offer the fastest speeds for delivery of your web video content, JetSlides uses dedicated bandwidth to push your videos out to your audience.

To protect your videos, security can be applied to all your content to prevent your viewers from downloading and sharing them.

We can help you design and launch your JetSlides player; support is always included and available every step of the way.

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Pay Per View

Perfect for online training courses and correspondence education, you can generate revenue by adding Pay-Per-View features. Sell subscriptions and viewing credits to allow specific user viewing access to your JetSlides presentations.

Pay Per View Web Video Player

The Audience Experience

The audience experience is an informative and enjoyable one with JetSlides. Dedicated streaming technology ensures a fast and reliable connection so your presentation is not disrupted.

Immerse your online audience and do more; offer downloads, pictures, literature, presentation notes, study guides, technical documents, participate in question and answer sessions, complete online surveys, all this and more with JetSlides.

Control the presentation with ease. Simple chapter control functions give your audience control of on-demand presentations. Rewind a favorite chapter, skip over to the next, or restart the entire presentation at anytime.

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Live Webcasting

Broadcast live audio and video to your audience using live webcasting, available using JetSlides. Stream your live seminars, training sessions, meetings, events, and more using JetSlides built-in live webcasting tools. Contact us for specific pricing and more details.

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